Golf Yourself to Life

Why and how to get started in the greatest sport on the planet

with PGA Golf Professional & Amazon Bestselling Author Andrew Cullen

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A sedentary lifestyle and stress are ticking time-bombs for your health

  • Over 40’s who have limited activity are prone to health issues
  • Lack of time spent outdoors and in contact with nature is detrimental to mental well-being
  • Long hours and stress at work can effect our social relationships      

Your mind and body deserve better!

Enjoy the health benefits

Get out into nature

Start golf at any age

Play with family & friends

A lifetime of experience

Andrew cullen pGA coach and

author “golf yourself to life”

I love golf. I’ve played since I was 3 years old, have coached golf as a fully qualified PGA member since 1991, and still play competitively on the Swiss PGA Seniors Tour.

My book and project “Golf Yourself to Life” is the culmination of my passion for the game, a clear, simple  and successful coaching methodology, skills in presenting and entertaining, the knowledge that I can inspire positive changes in people and my deep love of nature to which the project will donate.

A sport for life....

Health and wellness

Challenging, social and fun


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golf yourself to life  –

why and how to get started in the greatest sport on the planet